“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra

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This week, I will be embracing the art of a video production. In order to feel where I am coming from, watch Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”video right now. The link has been posted with this blog. You may have heard this bell-ringing tune booming out some speakers. It may have been my own speakers. At the jump, Gotye’s song was catchy. I caught myself bobbing my head and tapping my fingers against the car wheel. I just want to say; I am in love with this song even more after watching the video!

Now let’s talk about the production of this amazing video. The video starts with a camera following up Gotye’s naked body against a blank wall or canvas. Cinematographer, Warwick Field shot this video clip and produced still photos within the making. Still photos are seen when the wall and artists’ bodies are being covered and erased throughout the film. An awesome idea to shoot! Right before your eyes, there is no sign of a physical painter decorating their body. It looks complex and magical at the same time. With the help of producers and editors, this technique of shooting was phenomenal!

In class, we watched video clips incorporate still shots. The method is inspiring to an amateur shooter like myself. I am eager to find out how to achieve this skill in a prospect video that I will be creating soon for a project. And eventually you will witness me achieve this aspect of producing on my blog. So be looking for it in the next few weeks!

Eerie Exit

Eerie Exit

Eerie Exit

Exiting from one door to another in the J-School on Mizzou’s campus Columbia, Missouri. This simple exit sign has a sense of emotion raging throughout the hallways Wednesday, August 29, 2012. (Photo/Bre’Shey Westbrook)

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Second week in J2150 (:

So, it’s my second week in J2150.  I am sure you are aware of this by the title.  Anyways, we have learned some pretty exciting content in the lab portion of the class.  We get to use the NIkon D7000!  This is a highly expensive and intricate product.  I will have to use this for the remaining weeks in the course.  I am pretty ecstatic!  I have always wanted to learn how to work a professional camera.  And J2150 is helping me check this off of my bucket list.

Yesterday, we were able to go outside and take some shots.  The first assignment is called, “Seeing Red.”  This is a dope assignment, just because red is such a common color.  And the photo must display a piece of red in your photo.  I have gotten so many shots already.  And I plan to do some more shooting, either later today or tomorrow.  There is still a lot of learning to do.  The only thing I am nervous about is not catching the photo correctly without using the proper settings.  Right now, it’s very confusing.  But, I am up for the challenge to master this Nikon! Lynda.com (tutorial website) here I come (:

Not only will I have to complete the “Seeing Red” assignment, but I will have to cover stories in a 7 week period.  So that means, I have to plan my time accordingly and not procrastinate.  My class schedule this year is not the worse, but my classes are definitely harder than freshman year.  I am taking Math 1400 (Calculus) and Econ 1051 (Economics).  Keep in mind that I have heard horrifying stories about these classes.  So I definitely have to be on top of my game and adapt to scheduling shoots in a timely manner.

On Monday, in my discussion segment of J2150, we watched an emotional video.  It was so touching, I swear!  Steve showed us a video clip about how a reporter incorporated multimedia in producing his story.  It was about a surviving boy who had a limited amount of time to live due to his illness.  And the video showed so much emotion!  The video illustrated his humorous and affectionate side with the use of videos, still images, and audio.  The family described their experience and viewers were able to watch him interact in his everyday life.  The boy keeps the family together.  He does this by living his day to the fullest with no regrets.  Just a typical boy, not worrying about the negatives in life.  This video is so inspirational; it made be step outside of my selfish ways and view life in a different light.  You can’t always be worried, scared, or sad about petty things.  There are more people who have a situation worse than yours! Also, you have to enjoy your life to the fullest.  This world is so chaotic nowadays, you just won’t know when it’s your time to leave.

With that being said, these next seven weeks will be pretty interesting.  I have to find a story to tell and be able to produce a great multimedia production.  As I complete my assignments, I will be posting my accomplishments on my blog.  So be out on the look of my transformation, from an amateur photographer to a blossoming one. 

Talk to you next week!



Apple is at it again! When Apple releases one product, another exciting product is being awaited.  Later in October, the new ipad mini will be announced for release.  Apple products are so hot; people are spending their last checks to get the trendy new item.  And if you are not an apple user at all, you are missing out on the amazing features that is offered.

Mind you, the new iphone 5 has been talked about and the date is still unknown.  Apple stop teasing us!  I am due for an upgrade on my phone in December.  I am indecisive about becoming a new member of #TeamIphone or continue with #TeamAndroid.  I am in love with the iphone’s emoji icons.  But then again, I am a clumsy person so if I do drop the phone, my phone screen will be cracked.  Apple should work on their breaking policy.  An idea, they could make a screen that is stronger so it won’t break easily.

The new 7-inch tablet is competing with the other tablets such as Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. One amazing feature that will stand out about the mini is the retina display.  It makes the pixels for an image look a lot smoother.  That can be a huge difference.  I believe the only thing that will put the new mini above the rest is the name, Apple.  Apple has great reviews and a conservative look.  Just remember, after the mini comes out, Apple will be cooking up another extraordinary invention that everyone must have in their life.  The anticipation will never end!