Freaking Finals


Across the nation, students are wrapping up in classes at the end of the semester. Finals week is approaching and I am one of many students who are going into overdrive studying.


Rio James and Ryan Gleason study for a Statistics exam in the Student Success Center at the University of Missouri Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. The Student Success Center provides great tutoring services for students in need of help.

Find a resource center that caters to student academic services. If you are unable to find a place be sure to ask around such as other students, professors, or your academic advisor. They should be able to notify you of a great place to go on your college campus. Because when you seek for help, others will be more than likely to help you out in your academic success.

I am here to give you some helpful study tips (:
1) Plan a study schedule and abide by it.
2) Use STUDYBLUE to help prepare yourself for those exams. Check out the link, you will be amazed at what it has to offer!
3) Review and practice questions on old exams, quizzes and homework assignments.
4) Form study groups with class members and ask questions.
and of course,

These study skills have helped me with my academic success at the University of Missouri. Take these tips into consideration and I am sure you will do phenomenal on that final exam!



Sustain Mizzou!


Sustain Mizzou sets up outside of the University of Missouri’s Student Center in Columbia, Mo. Here, you can donate any electronic waste and it will be given to the Mid Missouri Recycling Company Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012.


Hunter Maret speaks on the program, “We are taking all of our electronic waste and reusing it. And giving it to a local company so they can make a little bit of money from it. And just help us out when it comes to the environment.” The Vice President of Administration stands outside to inform students about the Electronic Waste project on behalf of Sustain Mizzou in Columbia, Mo. on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012.


Sustain Mizzou has received donated products that are recyclable and find a way to reuse the items on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2012. Looking closely, you will see the recycled notebooks that are available to buy in Mizzou’s bookstore for two bucks in Columbia, Mo.

World Star Shennanigans!

World Star Shennanigans!

A video has went viral on the web!  Chicago’s local rapper, Lil’ Reese fights a girl on video. 

And of course, it’s on World Star Hip Hop first! World Star Hip-Hop is a site for anyone to post his or her own videos up for views.  Personally, I don’t really care for World Star Hip-Hop because of the non-sense that ends up on the site.  I refrain from going on the website, because it makes them richer with more hits on videos.   I strongly feel that the site is degrading and has majority of uploaded videos of African Americans and are viewed regularly by the black race. 

This popular form of media can be seen as a disease.  Watching negative videos can taint with an individual’s mind.  There are more young children surfing the internet than playing outside.  So who knows how many children have come across this video.  With that being said, this site needs to be blocked for members only or shut down.  We need to protect humanity.  The reason I say this is because there were numerous Facebook and Twitter users making fun of his video.  More people were parading his actions than scolding him.  I find this very sad; the media is disrupting our society’s way of thinking.

            When I first heard about the video, I didn’t want to even look at it.  It was disgusting to even hear about a male throwing blows back to back at a female.  Hitting a woman is the ULTIMATE NO-NO!  And it’s common to hear that a lot of people were raised that men should never hit women. 

            Though the video was broadcasted over a year ago, it has caused a lot of tension over the internet. Since the video is old and a lot of detailed information is unknown, Chicago police are not furthering investigation.  I have posted a link to the video, how do you feel about it?


ImageCourtesy of Google images

Okay, so it’s Mizzou’s infamous homecoming weekend.  And many friends have come from different parts of the nation to visit.  Of course, it has been an enticing weekend!  Mizzou won their homecoming, such a joy!  (Playing in the SEC has become a major challenge for our team).  Then, the Mizzou Homecoming parade was a success!  Also, shout out to Mizzou’s Homecoming King, Xavier Billingsley, and Homecoming Queen, Morgan Adrian.

Let’s talk about Monday!  So it’s Homecoming weekend=PARTY!  Though, students still have their priorities to schoolwork.  One student Deambra Crochrell, “Oh my gosh, I have a test on MONDAY!” has to continue her studies after this long fun weekend.  You would think teachers would be a little bit more lenient on the course load, but school is always enforced as a priority!

Some Mizzou students continue festivities throughout the entire weekend.  Monday’s campus will be filled with drowsy eyes, heavy heads, and less energy in the classroom.  Students will be waiting for these last two weeks to fly by for the first Thanksgiving break of the school year!

Homecoming Thoughts

ImageCourtesy of Google images

So Mizzou’s Homecoming is next weekend! Yippee!  And it shall be CRAZY!  Many festivities will be happening, such as the popular parade that you can view on campus, THE HOMECOMING GAME: Mizzou v. Kentucky (yikes), and of course the party scenes that will be hyped up all weekend.

Every girl is trying to figure out what outfit to wear?  I know I Am!  *Whispers* I’m still last minute online shopping.  Yes, I have been procrastinating.  But today, I must make my final decision for a look tonight.  You always want to look different than the rest.  So I am being very picky on what sites to choose from.  The worst feeling is to have the same outfit on as another girl and stand next to her in the party. #WOMP.  You never want to be that girl. And I am going to have to request express shipping so it can be here in time for Friday or Saturday.

One thing I hate about homecoming are the foreigners that come to Mizzou.  It’s so many of them that try and party with the Tigers.  I wouldn’t mind having them there, if there weren’t so many people packing our parties.  Though, I take so long to get dressed, I have to be BEYOND thirsty to be the first in the party. Just to have a good time.  Being packed inside of a party is no fun.  This homecoming year’s goal is to get to the party on time, unfortunately.  Partying in heels for hours are pain.  Hopefully, I find some hot wedges to style.  That will help ease the pain of long wear on heels.

Anyways, I have to go back to my online shopping.  I’ll catch up with you guys next week!

Good Morning Physical Training

This week in my J2150 class, I had an audio slideshow assignment due for Friday, October 5, 2012.  The audio slideshow consisted of gathering audio for whichever topic you are supposed to cover and exclusive photos of the subject in action. 

For my audio slideshow, I chose my roommate to be apart of this experience.  As an outsider of the Army ROTC program, I had no idea how intense the training was.  My subject, Quintae Dorsey, balances school life and the army program.  Tuesday through Friday, Dorsey has to be at training at 5:30am dressed and prepared to start on time. The program starts off as a group and then splits up in squads to engage in a workout.  The workout consisted of constant rounds of running whenever told to do so, push-ups, sit-ups, and other arm and leg exercises.  It was an awesome experience to see the program prepare these students for real-life combat when they are soon to be deployed.

My 5:30am experience was tough. Let me tell you what time I had to get up.  I had to shower the night before, lay my clothes out, and roll my hair into rollers for my curly glam look.  That night, I only got 3 hours of sleep due to finishing up homework and attending to my nightly rituals.  In order to be ready for our 5:15 car ride to Stankowski field, I had to wake up at 4:30am to give myself enough time to prepare for my day.  After standing out in 45 degree weather, my nose and fingers felt like icicles.  Standing outside for an hour and not engaging in physical activity was a cold and windy experience.  I had to take a 15 minute break in the recreation center and warm up.  The last 15 minutes of physical training, I came back out to take last minute shots.  After the training ended at 7:00am, I had to think about my 8:00am class that I had to go to.   My day would end at 11:00am, not too bad but still a long day.  After English, last class of the day, you better believe I took a nice long nap (3-4 hour sleep)! 

Being able to share the Army experience with Dorsey was amazing.  The Army program has a lot to offer their students.  The life of an amateur journalist is an amazing experience too.  It’s all about getting the work done and I achieved what I had to do.  Though, my previous subjects bailed on me numerous times (That’s a long story too, smh) I was able to capture satisfying moments with my Nikon D7000 camera. 

The next assignment is a 30 second video.  With so much content that I have, I have to limit what story I would like to tell. It’s a bummer that I can’t incorporate a lot more but as I become more experienced, I’ll be able to figure out how to edit a lot of content to a awesome mini story. 


Army ROTC wakes up to engage in their physical training at 5:30 in the morning every week, Tuesday, October 2, 2012. A member jogs past completing his rounds at Mizzou’s Stankowski field Columbia, Mo.

Tell me what you think about the photo that I took below.  Any positive or negative criticism will be great to hear!

Protect our youth

Protect our youth

Gun violence has always been an issue in our communities.  You would never think that it would hit so close to home though.  Reality starts to set in when the shootings are 5-10 minutes away from your home.  Northwestern University and my own hometown, Evanston, IL have been invaded by nameless gunshots.  A dark cloud hovers over the town raining with grief and sadness.

I want to pay my respects to a boy who wasn’t able to fully experience life.  Dajae Coleman was killed on September 22, 2012, an innocent bystander to a drive by shooting.  The bullet never had his name on it.  Another life gone because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Dajae was an honor roll student and entered the high school as an athlete.  His goals and dreams were cut short due to tragedy.  Evanston residents began trending this incident (#DaeDaeWorld) and great celebrities like Lebron James, Russell Simmons, and more recognized him and this horrifying incident.  It was great to see a negative situation turned into a positive one by bringing the local and national community together.

Bringing together a community shouldn’t stop there!  We have to do a lot more to protect our own community.  Education is always key, but how do we implement a safe environment?  I suggest opening up more recreation centers.  This can prevent the youth from hanging out in the streets and getting into mischievous things.  We need more mentors to talk and organize activities with our youth.  There’s so much we can do.

Being away from home is hard for me to become a mentor in my hometown.  While I am in Columbia, MO, I will become a positive role model for the youth in this community.  And Embracing Amara (an organization I just joined) is an example of an organization trying to guide our youth.  As I mature, my eyes have opened up to much more than having fun.  Responsibility has become a priority. I want to make sure that I am an individual who not only fulfill dreams; but influence youth in a positive manner.

The time is now to act towards our future.  And our youth will be here to apply any teachings that we have passed on.  So get out and do something positive.  My 4-year-old niece is my heart and priority and I want her to live out her dreams to the fullest without any harm coming into play.  Think about your own relatives or juveniles that you hold dear to your heart.  Like anyone else, you would want the best for him or her! We can’t always stop danger but if more people find time to encourage positive behaviors in our communities then there will be less danger to face.

With that being said, WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Please respond to this post expressing your concerns and thoughts.

Deadly Popcorn

Deadly Popcorn

My love for popcorn has officially been crushed!  Artificial flavorings will always have a downfall for consumers.  Suppliers reproduce products without evaluating externalizations that may cause harm to consumers of a product.

Wayne Watson, popcorn lover for real, recently won $7.2 million.   You would’ve thought the man won the lottery with all that cash.  So how did the man get all that money?  Well, Watson has been eating 2 bags of microwave popcorn over the last two decades.  Eventually, he develops  a rare disease called popcorn lung.  With this disease, his lung capacity reaches up to 53%.  A lawsuit against a popcorn company, grocery store, and production facility were taken to court.  The cause of the disease is from an artificial flavoring that makes the popcorn more buttery, it’s called diacetyl.  Doctors say this rare disease is usually found in people who develop Alzheimer’s and workers who have been exposed in production plants.

Technology has improved and has increased many health issues.  I don’t eat popcorn on a regular basis, but I do have a bag of microwave popcorn at the house.  So for now, I will be checking for the ingredient, diacetyl, on all bags of popcorn and regular food in general.  And you should too!  Supposedly, many popcorn companies have gotten rid of the product.  That means, there has to be a substitute for the ingredient.  I wonder what it is and will that have any health problems?

People say smoking and drinking is bad for you.  Well, so are these inorganic foods that are being supplied in our regular grocery stores.  As time passes, who knows what food will be the next item taken off shelves.  Or which food company will be the next leading suspect selling spurious food to the innocent public?

Chad Johnson will charge to court

Chad Johnson’s headbutt charge

Okay, so I don’t know if you have heard about the newly wed couple, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada, but their marriage was ended recently.  Their marriage consisted of six weeks.  Johnson played for the Miami Dolphins before the battery charge filed against him and Evelyn was one of the stars on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Could this have been another stunt for more fans and money?

The couple’s marriage ended due to an argument about a condom receipt that Evelyn found. So in response, Chad headbutted his wife and left her head leaking with blood.  An intense situation?  Yes, I know.  The part I don’t get is why would Chad headbutted Evelyn randomly?  I believe their is more to the story, just like the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident.  Evelyn had to provoke the man!  Either way it goes, no one will ever know what actually happened in the couple’s home.  If you have ever watched the show she starred in like I did, then you would notice Evelyn’s hot temper and smart mouth.  This Latina bliss was always fired up!

Also, during the show her ex-bestfriend (that’s another intense story) suggested that Evelyn shouldn’t marry Chad.   With that being said, there must have been obvious signs that pointed to the man as an unsuitable candidate for her.  I have heard the phrase Love is blind and clearly Evelyn was.  There are always signs of an abusive person when one is getting acquainted with the other. I am not blaming Evelyn for choosing him as a husband because you can’t help who you “fall in love” with.  But, she could have done better in the situation.

Chad’s tweets served positive messages and wished Evelyn the best of luck for the case. Chad will be appearing in court on October 31 and he has plead not guilty.  He may face 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine, if found guilty.  This should teach all people a lesson, stop rushing to get married and focus on more than the outer appearance and financial stance.  I wish there were a lot more mature marriages that people can look up to.  Because marriage shouldn’t be taken light as a joke or stunt, it’s a lifetime commitment!