Freaking Finals


Across the nation, students are wrapping up in classes at the end of the semester. Finals week is approaching and I am one of many students who are going into overdrive studying.


Rio James and Ryan Gleason study for a Statistics exam in the Student Success Center at the University of Missouri Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. The Student Success Center provides great tutoring services for students in need of help.

Find a resource center that caters to student academic services. If you are unable to find a place be sure to ask around such as other students, professors, or your academic advisor. They should be able to notify you of a great place to go on your college campus. Because when you seek for help, others will be more than likely to help you out in your academic success.

I am here to give you some helpful study tips (:
1) Plan a study schedule and abide by it.
2) Use STUDYBLUE to help prepare yourself for those exams. Check out the link, you will be amazed at what it has to offer!
3) Review and practice questions on old exams, quizzes and homework assignments.
4) Form study groups with class members and ask questions.
and of course,

These study skills have helped me with my academic success at the University of Missouri. Take these tips into consideration and I am sure you will do phenomenal on that final exam!



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