Don’t you love those group projects? /:

Is Just a Movie Review

Bre’Shey Westbrook reads, Is Just a Movie by Earl Lovelace, in the Bookmark Cafe on Mizzou’s campus in Columbia, Mo. On Nov. 14, 2012 she consults with group members about the novel for an upcoming Wiki presentation.

For the entire week of November 11, 2012 my life consisted of completing a class presentation.  In my English 2400 class, we had to design a Wiki page for the book, Is Just a Movie by Earl Lovelace.

Everyone loves those group projects for class!?  Yeah, right!  There’s always that one person who decides to not hold their own end of the bargain.  One of my group members decide to drop out of the project the night before it was due.  So that means, we had to split up her work in order to complete the assignment.  Of course, I was beyond pissed!  Because I had to squeeze in her part of the assignment and add it to my fourth of the assignment.  I won’t go back down that upsetting night.  Due to her absence, my professor was able to extend our assignment.  This lightened my mood and gave me a little more ease because I will have more time to put together a great wiki page.

My thanksgiving break will be very busy; it will consist of homework and working at a retail store.  Shout out to my grind!

Enjoy thanksgiving and eat lots of TURKEY! (:

I know I will.




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