World Star Shennanigans!

World Star Shennanigans!

A video has went viral on the web!  Chicago’s local rapper, Lil’ Reese fights a girl on video. 

And of course, it’s on World Star Hip Hop first! World Star Hip-Hop is a site for anyone to post his or her own videos up for views.  Personally, I don’t really care for World Star Hip-Hop because of the non-sense that ends up on the site.  I refrain from going on the website, because it makes them richer with more hits on videos.   I strongly feel that the site is degrading and has majority of uploaded videos of African Americans and are viewed regularly by the black race. 

This popular form of media can be seen as a disease.  Watching negative videos can taint with an individual’s mind.  There are more young children surfing the internet than playing outside.  So who knows how many children have come across this video.  With that being said, this site needs to be blocked for members only or shut down.  We need to protect humanity.  The reason I say this is because there were numerous Facebook and Twitter users making fun of his video.  More people were parading his actions than scolding him.  I find this very sad; the media is disrupting our society’s way of thinking.

            When I first heard about the video, I didn’t want to even look at it.  It was disgusting to even hear about a male throwing blows back to back at a female.  Hitting a woman is the ULTIMATE NO-NO!  And it’s common to hear that a lot of people were raised that men should never hit women. 

            Though the video was broadcasted over a year ago, it has caused a lot of tension over the internet. Since the video is old and a lot of detailed information is unknown, Chicago police are not furthering investigation.  I have posted a link to the video, how do you feel about it?


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