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Okay, so it’s Mizzou’s infamous homecoming weekend.  And many friends have come from different parts of the nation to visit.  Of course, it has been an enticing weekend!  Mizzou won their homecoming, such a joy!  (Playing in the SEC has become a major challenge for our team).  Then, the Mizzou Homecoming parade was a success!  Also, shout out to Mizzou’s Homecoming King, Xavier Billingsley, and Homecoming Queen, Morgan Adrian.

Let’s talk about Monday!  So it’s Homecoming weekend=PARTY!  Though, students still have their priorities to schoolwork.  One student Deambra Crochrell, “Oh my gosh, I have a test on MONDAY!” has to continue her studies after this long fun weekend.  You would think teachers would be a little bit more lenient on the course load, but school is always enforced as a priority!

Some Mizzou students continue festivities throughout the entire weekend.  Monday’s campus will be filled with drowsy eyes, heavy heads, and less energy in the classroom.  Students will be waiting for these last two weeks to fly by for the first Thanksgiving break of the school year!


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