Homecoming Thoughts

ImageCourtesy of Google images

So Mizzou’s Homecoming is next weekend! Yippee!  And it shall be CRAZY!  Many festivities will be happening, such as the popular parade that you can view on campus, THE HOMECOMING GAME: Mizzou v. Kentucky (yikes), and of course the party scenes that will be hyped up all weekend.

Every girl is trying to figure out what outfit to wear?  I know I Am!  *Whispers* I’m still last minute online shopping.  Yes, I have been procrastinating.  But today, I must make my final decision for a look tonight.  You always want to look different than the rest.  So I am being very picky on what sites to choose from.  The worst feeling is to have the same outfit on as another girl and stand next to her in the party. #WOMP.  You never want to be that girl. And I am going to have to request express shipping so it can be here in time for Friday or Saturday.

One thing I hate about homecoming are the foreigners that come to Mizzou.  It’s so many of them that try and party with the Tigers.  I wouldn’t mind having them there, if there weren’t so many people packing our parties.  Though, I take so long to get dressed, I have to be BEYOND thirsty to be the first in the party. Just to have a good time.  Being packed inside of a party is no fun.  This homecoming year’s goal is to get to the party on time, unfortunately.  Partying in heels for hours are pain.  Hopefully, I find some hot wedges to style.  That will help ease the pain of long wear on heels.

Anyways, I have to go back to my online shopping.  I’ll catch up with you guys next week!


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