Deadly Popcorn

Deadly Popcorn

My love for popcorn has officially been crushed!  Artificial flavorings will always have a downfall for consumers.  Suppliers reproduce products without evaluating externalizations that may cause harm to consumers of a product.

Wayne Watson, popcorn lover for real, recently won $7.2 million.   You would’ve thought the man won the lottery with all that cash.  So how did the man get all that money?  Well, Watson has been eating 2 bags of microwave popcorn over the last two decades.  Eventually, he develops  a rare disease called popcorn lung.  With this disease, his lung capacity reaches up to 53%.  A lawsuit against a popcorn company, grocery store, and production facility were taken to court.  The cause of the disease is from an artificial flavoring that makes the popcorn more buttery, it’s called diacetyl.  Doctors say this rare disease is usually found in people who develop Alzheimer’s and workers who have been exposed in production plants.

Technology has improved and has increased many health issues.  I don’t eat popcorn on a regular basis, but I do have a bag of microwave popcorn at the house.  So for now, I will be checking for the ingredient, diacetyl, on all bags of popcorn and regular food in general.  And you should too!  Supposedly, many popcorn companies have gotten rid of the product.  That means, there has to be a substitute for the ingredient.  I wonder what it is and will that have any health problems?

People say smoking and drinking is bad for you.  Well, so are these inorganic foods that are being supplied in our regular grocery stores.  As time passes, who knows what food will be the next item taken off shelves.  Or which food company will be the next leading suspect selling spurious food to the innocent public?


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