“Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye featuring Kimbra

– I am back! ( ;

This week, I will be embracing the art of a video production. In order to feel where I am coming from, watch Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”video right now. The link has been posted with this blog. You may have heard this bell-ringing tune booming out some speakers. It may have been my own speakers. At the jump, Gotye’s song was catchy. I caught myself bobbing my head and tapping my fingers against the car wheel. I just want to say; I am in love with this song even more after watching the video!

Now let’s talk about the production of this amazing video. The video starts with a camera following up Gotye’s naked body against a blank wall or canvas. Cinematographer, Warwick Field shot this video clip and produced still photos within the making. Still photos are seen when the wall and artists’ bodies are being covered and erased throughout the film. An awesome idea to shoot! Right before your eyes, there is no sign of a physical painter decorating their body. It looks complex and magical at the same time. With the help of producers and editors, this technique of shooting was phenomenal!

In class, we watched video clips incorporate still shots. The method is inspiring to an amateur shooter like myself. I am eager to find out how to achieve this skill in a prospect video that I will be creating soon for a project. And eventually you will witness me achieve this aspect of producing on my blog. So be looking for it in the next few weeks!


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