Apple is at it again! When Apple releases one product, another exciting product is being awaited.  Later in October, the new ipad mini will be announced for release.  Apple products are so hot; people are spending their last checks to get the trendy new item.  And if you are not an apple user at all, you are missing out on the amazing features that is offered.

Mind you, the new iphone 5 has been talked about and the date is still unknown.  Apple stop teasing us!  I am due for an upgrade on my phone in December.  I am indecisive about becoming a new member of #TeamIphone or continue with #TeamAndroid.  I am in love with the iphone’s emoji icons.  But then again, I am a clumsy person so if I do drop the phone, my phone screen will be cracked.  Apple should work on their breaking policy.  An idea, they could make a screen that is stronger so it won’t break easily.

The new 7-inch tablet is competing with the other tablets such as Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. One amazing feature that will stand out about the mini is the retina display.  It makes the pixels for an image look a lot smoother.  That can be a huge difference.  I believe the only thing that will put the new mini above the rest is the name, Apple.  Apple has great reviews and a conservative look.  Just remember, after the mini comes out, Apple will be cooking up another extraordinary invention that everyone must have in their life.  The anticipation will never end!


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